While we were busy at work constructing Dope's Dope Army website, they inquired about us developing an interactive interface to go on their Life CD. They pretty much were just looking for a way to attract fans who had purchased LIFE to their website, as well as provide an introduction and a litte background on the band to their newer fans. Dope just wanted to be sure that the interface provided a nice bridge visually & interactively between the CD and the website.

We felt the best way to help tie the two together was to base the main interface off the "Who is Dope?" bio section of the website. The "Who is Dope?" section gives the viewer the opportunity to learn more about the individual members of Dope by clicking on the members personal logo. Once you click on the logo, it directs you to that members personal file page. Within the file page you wil find a brief background on that individual member, as well as several photos. Since this section encorporates many of the photos and the various logos for the members of Dope that are found within the LIFE CD booklet, we found it to be the perfect basis for the Interactive CD.

For the main interaction we went with the same layout featuring all 6 members of Dope's logos in a circle formation. As you roll over each members logo, the logo lights up with that members individual color and an artistic rendered photo of that particular member appears over their logo. When the user clicks on the link, they are directed to that members personal page. On the personal page they can view the full photo of the member, a brief bio, and a direct link to the website featuring more information & photos.

The interface itself was created in Macromedia Flash and developed to be an Auto-run CD for a more user friendly product. This way as soon as the client puts the CD into their computer, the interface begins to run and it is brought to the users attention.

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