In 1996, a young college student with a penchant for the Internet was approached by several friends to build a website for their band. Quickly recognizing his talent for web design, more and more friends began commissioning his services for their own websites. Realizing his potential and the growing need for his services, he began working under the moniker Dink Designs. Dink Designs would go on to specialize in creating unique and quality websites, especially within the music industry.

  As Dink Designs grew over the years, so did itís clientele base and Dink Designs would need to expand to fit the needs of it's clients. So our young entrepreneur began developing more skills in the field of graphic design and not only expanded his business, but also his services. As he looked to expand his business, he began to notice many of his friends shared many remarkable skills in their different fields that could be beneficial to his clients. He decided that it would be far more beneficial to pull these vast services together and create an organization that would not only benefit more work for his friends and co-workers, but also be more beneficial to their clients. With that in mind Mercenary Media was born.

  Mercenary Media was developed around the idea of "guns for hire". Take a small group of immensely talented freelancers in various skills, bring them together on a single project, and execute with excellence. Mercenary Media takes on every project (no matter how big or small) with the precision and execution of a top notch marksman:

    *Sight your target: Identify and define your customers project and goals.
    *Scope your target: Research and study the project (purpose, market, & target audience).
    *Select weaponry: Select best means of execution with precise implementation and effectiveness.
    *Execution: Deliver the product with paramount proficiency.

  Skilled and experienced in many aspects of design including artwork, photography, merchandise, album and logos, Mercenary Media sets itself apart from other web design companies by offering a more flexible and comprehensive package. We work hard implementing new techniques in design to not only achieve our clients goals, but also help them develop and utilize new ways to reach more potential markets and attract new clientele. Constantly staying on top of the market and keeping up with new technologies helps us ensure our clients that we can help them get results.

  Mercenary Mediaís clientele has included such established artists as Flip/Epic recording artist Dope, Zim Zum (known for his multi-platinum tenure in Marilyn Manson), Zum's new band Pleistoscene, Metropolis Records, Metropolis Records artist Haujobb, Tone Deaf recording artist Cesium_137, as well as many others. In association with its success in handling graphic & web design within the music industry, Mercenay Media has also worked with many corporate clientele. Among those clients are Night Owl Productions (manufacturer of various masks and busts), the Halloween Mask Association (mask collectors club), and Celestial Vacations (travel agency) to name a few.

  Whether it is a website for your band, or your up and coming business, see what Mercenary Media can do for you.